Retainage Aging


In World, Vouchers for Retention in Contract Management were generated at the time of entering progress payments. This retention voucher had a default due date of 12/31/05 (in version A7.3). With a little tweaking, you could force this date to be something useful (other than a constant of 12/31/05).

In OneWorld, these retention vouchers are not created. How are OneWorld customers monitoring retainage? In particular, aging retainage like you would A/P vouchers to monitor for items that are lingering?

B733.3 SP13.1, AS/400 Co-exist V4R5, NT 4.0 SP5 Oracle 8.1.5


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I know that this is an old post but if anyone around has any experience/resolution with this issue, we'd love to hear it.

We have progress payments with many 100's of lines and creating the retainage voucher manually in OW just isn't acceptable. The functionality in World seems to have been overlooked in OW.

If anyone has a simplified work around, please advise.

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Carrie Ricotta
M&D Information Systems, Inc.

World A73 Coexistent XE Update 7, SP21 AS400


Carrie, we use retainage with OneWorld Xe. We three-way match on the original invoices and run reports by PO # for aging. When the final invoice arrives for the payout of retention we two way match. Send me an E-mail or call me if you want to discuss further.