Control credit delinquency un salesorder with hold codes in jde 9.1



We are trying to set up a hold code to orders that have customers that are delinquent in payments. The Credit Limit hold code is used when the customer exceeds his credit limit in comparison to the exposed amount. We need to set up a hold code in order to retain orders for customers that have amounts that are past due at any aging bracket. If the customer is delinquent for 1 - 30 days, 31 - 60 days, 61 - 90 days, 91 - 999 days, the order must be held.


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We use two credit hold codes:
C1 for manual credit hold: Added to the Customer Master Billing Information so all new orders will go on hold regardless of open AR, or added manually to specific sales orders.
C2 for automatic credit hold: Puts sales orders on hold based on credit limit and uses the logic in the P42090 Order Hold Constants to do the aging limit checking you're requesting. This hold code is set up on the Order Holds tab of the processing options of the appropriate P4210 versions.