Tax Explanation Code Invalid Error - F0911EdtLine EXR1


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This is an Error brought back from the F0911EditLine in a Custom screen someone has built here. I have looked it over and I don't see what is causing this. The actual BSFN Code that is causing the Error is the best clue that I have considering the AAI's, Vendor, AB, COA, etc appears to be setup properly yet I am still getting this error.

This is the code from the C++ BSFN that is throwing the error. I'm not sure where it could be getting these two VAT flags. It looks like the flags are that there is No Tax Exemption and there is also no Tax setup for this Supplier. Does this sound right?

if((lpDSTaxTypes->bVATTaxFlag == FALSE)
&& (lpDSTaxTypes->bVATExemptFlag == FALSE))
jdeSetGBRError(lpBhvrCom, lpVoid, IDERRszTaxExemptReason_6, _J("0748"));
idEditError = ER_ERROR;

Here is the detail text for the Error:

Tax Explanation Code Invalid

A form level error has occurred.
CAUSE: When a tax or taxable amount is entered, a tax explanation code
is required. Codes are validated against UDC 00/EX.
If the tax explanation code is being entered in A/R
(Invoice Entry), codes 'U' and 'B' are not valid.
Tax-only codes are not allowed in Multi-Voucher Entry (P041017).
RESOLUTION: Enter a valid tax explanation code.
An error may result if a contract was entered with tax information and the
Processing Option for the "Progress Payment Entry" screen is set to suppress
the display of tax input fields. To resolve the problem, change the Processing
ER Details:
Form P56911CR_W56911CRB
Control Id 11
Control Title OK
Event Button clicked
Line No 148
BSFN Details:
Source File x00tax.c
Source Line 7654
Error ID 0748