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I am not an Oracle DBA but I have the answer to at least one of your

When you do a fromuser/touser import the tables will be created in the
touser's default tablespace, which is DV7333T in your case. The import
cannot know that the indexes are to be put into the DV7333I tablespace
unless you tell it. So you should import with indexes=N, then issue an imp
command that creates an sql-script to create the indexes (I do not have the
exact syntax on hand, I think it is indexfile=ind-file). You have to change
ind-file with a text editor to create the indexes in the proper tablespace.
Then you execute this script. This whole process is much faster then using
indexes=Y in case of Central Objects.
I have two hints for you: you can use R98403 to copy your tables. It takes
care of all your index tablespaces, if they are correctly setup in OW, which
should the case for standart tablespaces, etc. In case of Central Objects
tables this is very slow. On a very good machine it may run overnight.
Another way of getting the job done is using the original JDE script used
when you installed OW. You can find these scripts on your deployment server
under \B7333\Database . Look for "loaddv" which basically is an import.
Change it to use YOUR dump instead of JDE's original dump.
Now I have a question. Where do your TS7333 objects come from? That's not
original JDE. Are you certain they are all in the right places with it's
indexes and all? When you create new OW Datasources make sure to set up the
oracle parameters.

Thanks, Gerd

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Hi list,

I am having problem when refreshing an environment through oracle.
For some reasons the Indexes are not ceated and populated properly. here are
my scripts:

export script

./exp system/xxxx consistent=Y owner=TS7333 log=/log.log file='file.exp'

import script

./imp system/xxxx file='file.exp' fromuser=TS7333 touser=DV7333
log='imp.log' indexes=Y

The import log is complaining about indexes/extents probaly due to a missing
parameter in my script (I suspect this could be caused by 'Compression')
Also, druing the import, there is a phase where the indexes are trying to be
created in the 'Source Owner" space !!!!

FYI. My destination (DV73333) tables are all droppped before the import.
Tables in source destination exist.

I would really appreciate if you could send me an import and export script
templates for resfreshing my central objects.

tx in advance for any help

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Thanks Gerd,

In regards to your question, my source owner TS7333 has all indexes created and populated just fine.
The problem is on Oracle.
I will try to recreate and populate the Indexes with INDEXES=Y using an edited script
I do not want to use the original script as tables structure might have changed since then...

Anyway, thanks for your help

Take Care