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Report to update F4111 ILIPCD field with correct values?

Hi JDE List Team,

Do you know if there is any way or report to update field F4111 ILIPCD field to the correct posting value?

We just noticed that one of the versions of R42800 (Sales Update) had a processing option (Update/ 3 Bypass Update to Inventory) set to value "Bypass Update". That means that for an order type the update on F4111 is not happening, even when we are correctly moving to 620-999, F42119 & other related updates. We did modify the processing option, but now we want to fix all already processed values. Is there a way the pristine app can do that?



Reputable Poster
Hi! R42800 processing options would not have any impact on F4111 if there was a record there already, created by P4205 or other means of shipment confirmation
- P4205 (or other means of ship confirm) will set ILIPCD to "S" to indicate that is to should be included in as-of update as the G/L date will be missing
- R42800 will update the F4111 ILIPCD to "N" (if memory serves me right) to indicate that the F4111 record is ready to be included in sales update as the GL date is now populated
- and, finally, R41542 as-of processing will update ILIPCD to "Y" to indicate that it has been processed to as-of table F41112

Hope this helps