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    F4111 (CARDEX) Reverse entry

    I have a need to create a utility app in JDE (9.1.3) to reverse a F4111 (CARDEX) entry and reset a SO back to a prior status. The secenerio is like this: 1. A Sales Order is ready to ship 2. The shipping clerk processes the order through Ship Confirmation (P4205) 3. The BOL is printed 4. After...
  2. F

    Report to update F4111 ILIPCD field with correct values?

    Hi JDE List Team, Do you know if there is any way or report to update field F4111 ILIPCD field to the correct posting value? We just noticed that one of the versions of R42800 (Sales Update) had a processing option (Update/ 3 Bypass Update to Inventory) set to value "Bypass Update". That means...
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    MRP process and F4111

    Hi All, A quick question (I'm not an apps guy) We run MRP process nightly. Can anyone please confirm if the MRP process reads the F4111 table while it is running. Launching cross reference utility does not list it but I remember attending a seminar at Collab17 this year where I heard the...