E9.2 F4115 / ABC Analysis (R4164)


Hello All,

How does system calculate Gross Margin and Total Sales in F4115 for Raw Materials / WIP items.

This is I found on KG - If items are ranked by Sales Amount or Gross Margin, the report uses information from the Item History table (F4115) to calculate the ABC classification. This table is populated in general by the following applications/reports: Sales Update (R42800), Inventory Issues (P4112), Stock Transactions (P415101), Work Order Inventory Issues (P31113), WO Parts List (P3111) and Super Backflush (P31123), if their processing options are set to update the Item History (F4115) table. The Ship Confirm (P4205) application also updates the Item History (F4115) if the inventory is relieved at shipment confirmation.

There are YTD buckets in F4115 for Sales and COGS, and then there are 12 monthly buckets for Sales, COGS and Margin.
So is it that Sales and COGS have same values for Raw Material and WIP items? If so then Margin will always be 0 for these items.

We are on 9.2 and trying to implement ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting. Thanks in advance.

Did you end up getting more clarity as to how F4115 is calculated for raw materials? We are looking to use Sales for ABC Analysis and want to understand how the raw materials will be classified.