Report based on work center messages


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Does anybody have a good way of figuring out the joins between the various F01131.. tables? Basically we don't have access to the users work center messages. So we wanted to write a report to figure out their messages. But not sure how to join the various tables to get messages by user. Any ideas would be appreciated.

JDE 9.1


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I built a report for our EDI process that shows messages from the SO Create UBE. There could be different message types for different situations so I recommend looking at the Work Center (especially noting the child relationships) and data browser and/or UTB to understand available fields for particular scenarios. Here are the basics I used. F01131 is the parent, so you start there for user and date. SERK then is used to go into F01131M PSRK. In turn, F01131M SERK may be found in F01131M PSRK indicating a child record. This allows for continued child levels in the F01131M. Some potentially useful fields include: F01131M PPSRK always has the SERK from F01131, LV in both tables indicates the level of the tree this record is on, ZMMSGP and ZMTSV contain useful information about the error/message.

So, the report is basically a section on F01131 to find the correct starting record(s), a section on F01131M that contains code using SELECT/FETCH NEXT to iterate through the levels, and a section that is called to simply print the line detail as needed. I suppose you could create a second F01131M section to be called from the first one to do iteration, instead of FETCH NEXT, as well.

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