Remittance Advice - Email to User not working in PY


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One of the "issues" I inherited is that our Wires Processing was not working. That was traced back to the original conversion from World in which the Register Print Program was not available E1.By changing it in PY, we were able to get the Wires process to work.

However, I was informed that the End User did not get the usual eMail that is created with a normal ACH with the attached Remittance Advice. The only difference is the program used for the Payment Print:

Regular ACHs: R04572T or R04572T2
Wires: R47052T (we do not transmit Wires)

I checked the eMail for the End User and everything is set up the same. We also use Create!Forms here and everything goes through Create!Form Director but I do not think that is the issue.

What should I look for?


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Did you check the CreateForm/CreateEmail server email log to see if indeed it was sent out? I've had people call and say "we didn't get the ACH statement you said you sent"... and I look at the logs to make sure CreateEmail actually sent it out. If it did, I have told them that they need to check their Junk Box in their email client or see if for some reason the email is being blocked on their end since our system shows it has gone out successfully.