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Refresh Data from CRP to DEV


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Hi List,
We are needing to refresh the data only from prototype to Dev. The libraries we believe that need to be copied over are CRPDTA, CRPCTL. Can we just copy those libraries and name then TESTDTA,TESTCTL. I know this will affect my data and UDC's. but will it change my objects that I have created or give me unexpected results? Has anyone done this before, I would think this is a common thing.



Yes I have done it when we upgraded from B7331 to Xe.

You don't need to copy anything manually .

There is a jdedwards report that does it for you(look in upgrade guide ) but I insist you must take database back-up as we had problems when we did it .Some things or steps are missing in guide .I don't recall what as we did upgrade 4 months back.

Best of luck.

OneWorld XE SP13


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I did this many times using SQL DTS packages to refresh DEV and CRP with PROD data and control tables. We used the DTS packages as the JDE UBE didn't work right.
I might add that we were only using the AR, GL apps (plus of course the address etc) so the number of files we needed to copy were reduced to about 80 or so.

Bill Feeney
B7332 SP 13.1 Sun Unix Oracle 8.1.6