Redistributing a logged voucher screen lock


Hi all,

I posted the email below yesterday and have discovered the direct cause of
why the system was hanging but I think we may have a connectivity issue
between citrix terminal server and the
---------------------- Forwarded by Di Tompkin/UK/QBE_EU on 26/10/2001
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Di Tompkin
25/10/2001 09:18

To: [email protected]

Subject: Redistributing a logged voucher screen lock

Hi, this email was posted a few months ago on the list, we have had ongoing
issues with the redistribution hanging, and were recommended to apply ESU
11564, which is now JD12420. This has not seemed to resolve the issue. We
do not seem to replicate the hanging on FAT client however, so this seems
to be a citrix specific problem.

The hanging usually has the effect of changing the redistribution flag on
the F0411 record but not adding the related F0911 records, I usually have
to go in to reset the redistribution flag. In most cases the voucher then
redistributes correctly. As in the mail below, the problem appears to
happen randomly and is inconsistent ie the same user can go days without
the problem re-occurring.

I would like to chat to Matt, the author of the email if you are about, and
any others who have experienced this problem. We are having a consultant
in tomorrow to look at our citrix setup incase there is an issue there so
would appreciate any feedback to my email [email protected]