Receive and Interpret Email into JDE


Hi all,
Is there a way to be able to receive incoming email into JDE and interpret the detail within a business function (i.e. Approve/Rejection Email)?

Thank you for your help.

There's no built in functionality to receive email that I know of.

I have worked with a 3rd party product that did exactly this, sending and receiving PO approval emails, and updating the E1 approvals tables.
I'm comfortable with MuleESB, it's an open source enterprise service bus. It has a built in email inbound adapter and calling jee bsfn trough java code is trivial.


Bruno Condemi
Thanks David.

I have written something in VB to call Exchange Web Services and the Oracle drivers which will do the trick.
Thank Bruno.

I have decided to write something in VB to call Exchange Web Services and Oracle DB. This will be done outside of JDE framework.