E9.2 Print Month on the Mail Body


In the email body generated by the Message function in JDE Orchestration, it is essential to include the text "Previous Month." However, this "Previous Month" label should be dynamic, altering automatically each month.

This needs to be done through Orcherstration only.

Within the context of JDE (JD Edwards) Orchestration, there is a requirement to include the phrase "Previous Month" in the content of an email generated by the Message function. This label serves as a reference point or indicator within the email. Importantly, the term "Previous Month" should not remain static but instead needs to adapt dynamically to reflect the actual previous month each time the email is generated.

In practical terms, this means that if the email is generated in January, it should display "Previous Month" as "December." Likewise, if the email is generated in February, it should show "Previous Month" as "January," and so forth. This dynamic behavior ensures that the email content remains relevant and accurate, reflecting the temporal

This needs to be done through JDE Orchestration studio only
You can call business functions to get the current date, decrement the date by one month, and get the month description.