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Re:RE: Migration to One World


Re:RE: Migration to One World

it's probably a conspiracy.....someone doesn't want us to know ! ha.ha.

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Subject: RE: Migration to One World
Author: <jdeworld@jdelist.com>
Date: 04/19/2001 6:49 AM

For some reason I am not able to access that topic on the list. I get screen
full of jiberish


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Those are some good points. Shoot, just in the last year OW has become much
more stabile. And has introduced a sort of thin client, it is getting better
and easier to implement and support.
But, how many of you have looked at the OW List recently? Our company *may*
look at co-existence as a testbed to see OW plus' and minus', so I
resubscribed to the OW list. We forgot just how many issues client server
computing has.
Many World users do not have IT staffs with the skill sets needed to support
OW I bet.
Take a look at http://www.jdelist.com/resource1.shtml, the 4th choice down
is titled :"Survey of One World IS Support".

Do you want to be an empire builder?

I won't get into where the ISeries 400 is going and how much internet
interoperability there already is, and how much easier and cheaper it should
become in the near future to plug into World.

Lots to think about.