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Migrating customized objects from Jde one world Xe to JDE World Soft B732


I am looking for some help in migrating objects from JDE OneWorld Xe to Jde WorldSoft B732.

My background:- I am having 3 years of experience in JDEwarrds and I have worked with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (Xe and E811 and E812). I have never workedin JDE WorldSoft.

I have a client who has co-existence of two different version of JDE, and these are worldsoft B732 and JDE one world(XE).he will migrate to worldSoft A9.3 in future but before that his requirement is to Migrate all customized objects(Applications, UBE, NER etc..) from JDE oneworld(Xe) to B732.
Immediate goal is to migrate customized objects from JDE OnWorld Xe to B7332.

I am interested in knowing following things
1. Difference between JDE OneWorld Xe and Jde WorldSoft B732 in terms of technical (developer)
2. Is there any tool which can help me converting customized objects from Xe to Jde WorldSofft B732
3. How different is tables in worldsoft or are we using same tables as we have in JdeEnterpriseOne like(F0101 for address book and F42** for sales and F43*** for purchase)
4. Some keywords like B732 , As400 and RPG, these words I have read so many times but now I want to understand these and how these are related to each other.

Can you provide me some reading materials for clearing my queries.

Thanks in advance

Alex Blasenheim

Well Known Member

First, there is no such thing as B732 Worldsoft. There is an older version of Oneworld called B732. So you have to research a little more. If indeed it is World (sometimes called Worldsoft) which only runs on an AS/400 the version is probably A7.3 cume xx (where xx could be anything from 00 to 16). If the client is coexistent the version is at least, I believe A7.3c9. Regardless, there are no tools that I am aware of to migrate from Oneworld to World. There were some tools to convert from World to Oneworld.

The major difference in terms of development is that World is mostly RPG code and Xe is object oriented.

Most of the major tables of XE are the same as A7.3 except Accounts Receivables and Property Management. These modules were re-written in OneWorld to be more efficient. There are special conversion programs to migrate World A/R and World Property Management to OneWorld XE but not the other way around.

Once everything is on A7.3, migrating to A9.x is standard.

John Dickey

Well Known Member
You probably will want to get Oracle consulting help for this.=C2=A0 There are just way too many questions and issues to handle in a forum like this. =C2=A0 For example, what hardware and database software is your Enterprise One running on today?=C2=A0 If on an IBM AS/400 and thus using the IBM DB2 database, then your task is easier (not easy, just easier).=C2=A0 JDE World runs only on the AS/400 with DB2 database.=C2=A0 Migration tools were deve loped to move from World to One World (Enterprise One), since that was the new version JD Edwards wanted customers to go to.=C2=A0 Moving from Enterpr ise One to World, I would be surprised if there are tools, but this is wher e you need to be contacting Oracle JDE support to see if they have stuff th ey might provide to you.=C2=A0
John Dickey
Hi John

Thanks for the reply, i need to discuss these questions but once i have these informtion i will write to you. i assume they are using IBM AS/400 and thus using the IBM DB2 database, but i will come back with correct informtion

Sunil Rana
Hi Alex

Thanks for your reply and now I am getting confident that I am understanding it. after my initial conversation I have following information.
1. we have two version running and these are World B732 and JDE OneWorld Xe. in JDE OneWorld Xe we have few objects(new objects , user defined objects 55-59) .
2. we are planning to have only one version and that is World B73.2
3. After migrating all objects defined (user defined objects 55-59) from JDE OneWorld Xe World B732 we will have everything in World B73.2.
4. in Future we will upgrade to A9.1

my Understanding of the version after reading your mail and some findings from JDE list
• B73.2 is an older version of Enterprise One and various versions of are
o B73.2
o B73.3
o OneWorld
o XE
o ERP8.0, 8.9, 8.10, 8.11
• JDE World(also referred as WorldSoft) then it will have some version from A7.2 or A7.3 and versions are
o A7.2
o A7.3
o A8.1
o A9.1/A9.2

Now I have a question that if B73.2 is the oneWorld then is it good option to upgrade to A9.1, because if I understand then 9.1 is JdeWorld and It is RPG and AS/400 ??

Sunil Rana


Have you found exactly from which version to version the migration is needed. Mostly JDE world is on AS400, programming language is RPG.
The migration project is from JDE OneWorld Xe to A732.

Thanks to all for support and suggestions.

Sunil Rana

John Dickey

Well Known Member
My goodness, that is a very unusual direction.=C2=A0 Most of the time it wo uld be World to OneWorld.=C2=A0 There may not be much experience out there in doing something like this.
John DIckey

Alex Blasenheim

Well Known Member
As John said, this is unusual. The World release you are talking about is probably A7.3 cume x, where is "x" may be "2" but probably a higher number. If you have access to the World environment and the security to do so, type "97" and enter. This will tell you exactly what release you are on. Migrating should not be too difficult. Most of the files are very similar. However, merging the data into the same environment presents several issues that must be thought out very carefully. You really should have a consultant knowledgeable with World.