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RE: Re[2]: Session Control

Quote from a posting to JDEList
"..Actually there is a JDE recommendation that you do not allow more than
one session, not for resource reasons but for record locking reasons. JDE
is not very good when it comes to data base integrity so they recommend you
don't allow two signons and all jobs go through a single threaded job

This generalisation is a little new to me, seems we have a fair bit of
unresearched scuttlebutt out there.

We have around 200 active users most of whom have multiple sessions and we
have no problems.

Record locking is controlled very well by the OS/400 operating system and
most JDE programs will tell you if a record is locked, without the program

Single threaded JOBQ's are essential for the GL Post program and a few
others but this can be easily regulated. We have worked out what batch jobs
(eg DWV's etc) conflict and have changed the JOBQ name appropriately in the
additional parameters section for each dreamwriter. We have about 6 (six)
JOBQs, one is exclusively for GL Post, Workfile Generation etc, in order to
spread the load around and it works a treat.

Regards...... Colin HUGILL

Colin Hugill