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RE: OW - Acct Ledger Inq P09200 slow


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RE: OW - Acct Ledger Inq P09200 slow

P09200 account ledger is working OK in 7332 at our site. Things to
consider: How large is F0911? How many years of data do you have in it? Are
some people looking up an account that has enormous activity in it, thus say
100,000 lines to display? What date range are they using? Could they use a
more restricted date range (just look at last few months)? Example: If I
bring up our inventory account going back to 1/1/99, I get 32 seconds of
hourglass. So when are they going to invent 20 gig bubble memory boxes that
cost $1000? :<)

Dave Mallory Denver Water 7332 SP15.1 NT 4.0 Oracle 81634