AP: go directly from voucher to cash (do not pass GO)


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In AP, JDE has the AAI called 'PC' hard-coded for the voucher document type
(PV doc type), so you have to stay with that. But, you can create an AAI and
call it PCyyyy where yyyy is a GL offset code. Thus you can add a suffix to
the AAI code. We do a few of these. However, you are making a further jump
here, crediting cash, so see second paragraph below. To go straight from
voucher to cash account, go to AP setup, AAIs, make a new one called PCWRTR
or something, and put in the account number for your cash account that your
wire transfers come out of. Then when keying the voucher, in the GL offset
field, put the WRTR or whatever, instead of leaving it blank (which calls
your normal AP Trade account), and the transaction will call the cash
account for wire transfers for the credit side of the transaction.

However, this may cause problems. I think it will. The voucher program P0411
is not made to write payment instruments. It just does vouchers. So, you
will end up with a whole lot of vouchers for which no payment instrument has
been used and run through the normal check writing program. So these will
show as 'unpaid vouchers' in various programs. So this approach may blow up
on you. I think it would be better to stay with the normal process of "do a
voucher, write a check-or-other-payment-instrument" and do what you need to
do in check-writing setup to not write checks and just print a report or
something and feed a file to the bank to do the wire transfers, or whatever.
I imagine there are other people on OW who do wire transfers so they should
have the skivvy on that part.

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