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RE: Slow system or no defense from accidental interruption?


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RE: Slow system or no defense from accidental interruption?


The system sometimes takes awhile with this program to update files, as you
have seen. I think the entering of 50 lines at once is the deciding factor.
You could try having your people key 10 lines then hit OK then key header
again and more lines. We have seen similar things. I believe there is no
answer. I would say, wait awhile to check to see if the files got updated.
Also, I would look for transactions on UTB, not just looking at Cardex. With
7332 SP 13.3, we are seeing, sometimes, F43121 receipts, F4111 transactions,
and F4311 PO get updated, but F41021 on-hand quantity and F0911 GL do not
get updated. Not fun. We are planning to write integrity reports to compare
these files to see if they all have corresponding records.

Dave Mallory Denver Water Department Denver, Colorado, USA
7332 SP 13.3 NT 4.0 Oracle 8.05