RE: Oracle - Deleted PRODB733 Tables


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RE: Oracle - Deleted PRODB733 Tables


Did you take a backup while the database was open? If so did you put the
tablespaces in backup mode? If not then you are in some real trouble. If
the database was closed and you have a complete backup of datafiles, redo
log files and control files you can restore them all and open the database
but you will loose all of the data since the last backup. If you took a
valid Oracle backup and you have the archive log files you can restore the
database to any single point in time but it will take someone with Oracle
experience to do it or support can walk you through it over the phone. Also
your estimated time depends on how much data we are talking about and how
long you can get it from tape back on to disk. Plus if you have to roll the
database forward using archive logs , consider that time also.

- Ethan
- San Diego, CA