Re: Migration From WorldSoft to OneWorld Xe


Re: Migration From WorldSoft to OneWorld Xe

JDE is developing a report conversion tool as we speak. It is not yet
available; the goal is to convert FASTR, STAR, WW, and DW processing
options/versions. I have seen a sample conversion of a FASTR and it
appeared to work, they have some formatting issues to work out.

JDE does not have a security conversion tool. The OW security is far
different from World. I believe that there is a bus. partner that has
developed a security conversion tool but I can't remember which one.

George Cole

World A73 Cume 10 (Site 1)
B7332 (Xe in process) AS400 Db2 (Site 2)

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Subject: Migration From WorldSoft to OneWorld Xe
Author: [email protected] at INTERNET
Date: 6/21/01 4:52 AM

Hi List/Forum

We are in the Process of Migrating from World
Software to OneWorld Xe using Direct Conversion.

I like to know whether it is possible to Port
Security setups and Report Versions from World
Software(A73 cum10) to OneWorld Xe(B7333).

Thanx in Advance


OneWorld Xe B7333 Sp13
AS400 DB2