E9.1 Moving from oracle Database to SQl Server


Hello All,

We are moving from JDE 9.1 oracle Database to SQL Server 2014 . I have installed SQL Server , Platform pack and Migrated the Data using SSMA Tool

When I start the JDE Services on the Enterprise Server I am getting Errors like
"your User ID is Disabled. Please contact your Oneworld Administrator"

I have checked in the Tabled F98OWSEC and the JDE user is Enabled status , Status - 01

Can you please suggest what could be the issue? Is this because of migration issue ?

Please help

you could try this tool for Oracle to SQL Server conversion, it is free and enough for small databases. The automation level is very high and you won't need manual interference into the code.
Seeing as how this post is 8 months old I would hope the OP solved his issue ... even though he migrated to a SQL Server version that was no longer supported :LOL: