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Re: Financial reporting - Grand Totals

I can only try to answer your questions in general because details are m=

As regards to your first questions. It depends. If your UBE section is a =
columnar or group section, you can use Company as level break to get Gran=
d Total. Or simply accumulate the amount to a variable in Do Section as G=
rand Total. Then output it at the end of the report. If you are using Tab=
ular section, go to Section Property to turn on Grand Total and then leve=
l break on Company. =20

Not really sure what you are looking for in your second question. General=
ly you need input and output variables to get Table IO to work. In your =
case, it seems the input variables would be some columns of business view=
F0006/F0901/F0902 (BC Columns) and the output variables need set up by y=
ourself or use RV if applicable.

Hopefully it helps and email me if you have questions.


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Am new to this list, am hoping that I have followed the appropriate
policies to send. If not, I am sure that someone will let me know.

I am relatively new to the "financial" reports in OW. There are a couple
of things that I am struggling with. The first is where/how to generate =
"grand total" line over more than one company. The second is where to ma=
a table I/O for data that I need to accumulate for the total lines, data
that is in addition to that which I am selecting from my original busines=
view. (Am using the view over the F0006/F0901/F0902 but need additional
data from the F03B11 and F03B14.

Any help would be appreciated.


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