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RE: Cycle Count - Select Items to count

The JDE cycle count process is not intended to work the way you want. After
you "select Items to count" that inventory must be "Frozen" until the
counting is complete.

You may have noticed that there is no real "As Of" processing when it comes
to Cycle counting.

The Qty. that you enter in the count completely replaces the current Qty.
for that Item Location record. It does not take into account any
transactions that could have happened after the "Select Items for Count" was

A couple quick possibilities that I can think of would be to either keep
separate notes on what your "November" transactions are. Then during the
keying of the "Cycle count Entry" Modify that number by the number from the
transactions. There would still have to be a "Freeze" period but it could
be smaller.
Another way would be to have a programmer change the whole cycle count
process. If instead of "Replacing" the Qty. in the Item location the
program would look at a timestamp of when the "Select Items for count" was
run and then process any Cardex transactions that are Greater then that
time, this would eliminate the need for "Freezing". This would be very
complicated and I know that external auditors would frown on this process.
But, it could be done.

Hope this helps.

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC
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RE: Cycle Count - Select Items to count

This thread has prompted a question concerning cycle count updates, I
thought that the formula for the update was (Physical qty - frozen qty) =
adjustment, where the adjustment was booked to the f4111 and the on hand
quantity was adjusted by this amount and not replaced by the counted
quantity... Does anyone have the final word on this?? thanks, s.e.t.