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Re: Creating Sandbox and CRP Environments from Production


You can use the OMITOBJ parameter on your IBM SAVLIB command to accomplish
what you are looking for. This will allow you to omit objects, such as
F0911* from the save. Note that I added an asterisk to the end of the
F0911, because the OMITOBJ allows a generic entry, and thus you can also
skip the logical files associated with F0911 from being saved. You probably
will find that an omit of the F42199 and F43199 file groups would also be
helpful to your process.


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> My question to everyone is has anyone found a good solution to creating
> or crp environments from their production environment. We have two
> one for our production environment and the other for a sandbox environment
> crp environments. We normally refresh sandbox each weekend with a full
copy of
> production from a tape backup. This is very time consuming process as our
> file alone is over 22 million records (for '99 & 00'. We cut down the
> file with a selective copy after it has been restored to Sandbox. We
want to
> move to a much faster and leaner sandbox and crp environments. I could
> a record selection on production before the save to tape but doing this
> approximately 4000 files is a little daunting. I could do this for only
> largest files, which is a little easier but I don't know how I would
> those largest files from the savlib when I want to save the library to
tape. I
> don't really want to do a save object. And if I did do a savobj for the
> files, would it take longer to restore than would a savelib. Anyone have
> ideas that they are willing to share on how they are managing their
> crp's/sandbox environments?
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