Re: CISC to RISC Migration


Re: CISC to RISC Migration

We at Robinson Memorial, just went live with A73 world Cum#12.
Virtually "few" bugs.
I was impressed.
We have been on RISC for about three years previously.
Anyway, back to Cum#12. It was one of the best
Cum's I've ever applied to JDE World Software.
Gloria Ridgeway, Robinson Memorial Hospital, Ravenna OH

[email protected] wrote:

> We are about to embark on a migration from a CISC to RISC box . We
> are currently on A73 cum 6 and would like to upgrade to cum 12 on the new
> machine.
> I would be interested in hearing from others to get an idea of how
> they approached this and what kind of time was involved. Also does
> anybody know if JDEdwards has any white papers that address this scenario.
> Michael Kenney
> IT Services
> University of Windsor
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Re: CISC to RISC Migration

We were on cume 7 / CISC and finished upgrading to C 11 / RISC in November.
We approached it like this, since we had many modifications.

We upgraded to cume 11 on CISC first. I said we were at c7, but we also had
fixes from 8, 9,10 and 11, so to make a very long story short, it was easier
just to go to cume 11 there, vs. trying to duplicate what we had on the RISC
box (C7,8,9,10,11), go live in production, then apply the cume 11 upgrade.

Our development time took about 2 months due to the mods, then a month of
user testing. This included all PTF's , including the second Y2K, 1999 1099
and W-2's, (just in case we needed to re-print anything) and about 4 other
mini-PTF's , most or all of which I believe are now included in cume 12.

Several issues were discovered and several cume 12 patches were applied.
(We didn't go to c 12 at that time because it wasn't out when we started).
Problems occured primarily in A/R, A/P and PR/HR. Few in Distribution, none
in Job Cost, none in G/L. (Many, many problems were related to
multi-currency issues).

I am just now loading the source from cume 12 just so we have it handy,
since cume 11 has had so many problems, so I am happy to hear that Cume 12
appears to be very clean.

Moving from CISC to RISC was a piece of cake in comparison, and we have
virtually no JDE problems that were related to that move. As long as you
follow IBM's Roadmap, it is pretty clean.

Good luck! If you need to talk offline, I'd be happy to share more.