RE: Change the details of shipped SO/ST orders


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RE: Change the details of shipped SO/ST orders

You need to enter a credit amount on the order to "return" the goods back
and then enter a new line to ship the correct goods. You may need to
control the invoice printing so that only the good shipment is sent to the

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RE: Change the details of shipped SO/ST orders

If you have already ship confirmed there is no way to back out the update to
the item ledger or to the onhand number in the
F41021 file. What we normally do if it is a customer sale that was ship
confirmed incorrectly is enter a negative order to reverse out the original
order, and enter another positive order and ship confirm that order for the
correct quantity.

Since you are doing a sales transfer between two branches, you could simply
enter a correcting order to transfer the difference in the correct direction
(either Branch A to B or Branch B to A) to get the net quantity transferred
to be correct.

Unlike purchase receiving where there is a reversal capability, there is no
ship confirm reversal capability in the software.

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