RB Batch with Error: Intercompany out of Balance


Unapplied cash was processed using the G/L Receipt method.
When I go to post, I received the error : "Error: Intercompany out of Balance".

F03B14 was missing the RU Doc entry for 100.00 but had created the RC Match Doc type entry for -100.00

Through SQL we did the following:
1. In the Production environment delete the F03B14 record with PYID = 264555 and RC5 = 7.
2. In the F03B13 table for PYID = 264555, set the Open Amount (AAP) to 100 (equal to the Check Amount (CKAM) value).

The issue appeared again but has flopped. The RC Doc for -100 is now showing up but not the Ru Doc entry 100.00.

Any ideas on where to look or review would be appreciated.
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