Trial Balance Report Out of Balance



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The TB was in balance before three weeks, but it became out of balance when we check this week.
How I can find what causes this ?

Edit: After doing some analysis,
I have the last TB which is in balance. So I have run the latest TB ( which is out of balance), and found the difference in the both amounts.
I have got few accounts.
Now, how I can I proceed further. ?
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Hi Peter,

I see there are some differences, and we tried re-posting of all accounts (using R099102 - Repost Account Ledger ). But its not adjusted. We ran the re-post UBE with all company periods are closed ( i.e., we re-post to FY=17 and PN=12 where the company period is FY=18 and PN=5)

It sounds very suspiciously like you ran it in non update mode. Check the processing options.
I have replicated the complete transaction and posted in DV environment.
Then compared the GL records for the batch.
Copied the missing lines from DV to PD
Reposted the accounts.

Now, TB is in balance.

I want to suggest, Develop one custom report for identify the differences of the account based on F0902 Vs F0911 on AID.

Once you will get the clear picture of difference account, Then run the repost report for that account id only. Don't run for all the accounts.