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out of balance

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    RB Batch with Error: Intercompany out of Balance

    Unapplied cash was processed using the G/L Receipt method. When I go to post, I received the error : "Error: Intercompany out of Balance". F03B14 was missing the RU Doc entry for 100.00 but had created the RC Match Doc type entry for -100.00 ---update-- Through SQL we did the following: 1. In...
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    CC cash receipt posting issue - missing bank account GL line

    Hello I have a credit card batch that was created through auto receipts. For some reason, this particular batch is showing out of balance. In the out of balance report, I have the AE entry to accounts receivable; however, I am missing the bank account debit side of the entry. I checked...
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    Batch posted (R09801) out of balance

    Batch Override is disabled from workbench security and all batches need to balance in order to post. PDF R09801 also confirms that Post Out of Balance is set to 'N' but JDE allowed posting of a batch that was out of balance. Batch was posted with a difference of $478.09. There was no AE for...