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I have 3 radio button inside a group box in a Subform. I have associated all 3 radio button with same business view DD item "34XADJU" and given value as 1,2,3. What i wanted to achieve is user will select one of the radio button(values- Each, Gram, Milliliter) for every item and that value (1 or 2 or 3) will insert into the table as i have associated a business view DD item, But its not even inserting as well as not fetching.
However, I am able to insert the value in Subform event, "Update Grid record to DB-before" by assigning
BC 34XADJU = FC Each (in all 3 fc value is same whichever is selected like Gram is selected then 2)
Now, if i am selecting "Gram" then i am able to insert 2 in the table column.

But i am not able to select the radio button while fetching the record as i am not getting BC value in any Subform event.
I tried writing in "Notified by parent" event and in the Button clicked event of Find button below code,
FC Each = BC 34XADJU (thinking it will check the radio button as per value provided) but in debug BC 34XADJU is coming null

In which Subform event I will find the BC values of the view attached?
If my direction is totally wrong then is there any other way of achieving my requirement?
Can check box be made mutually exclusive like Radio Button?

Thanks In advance.

This is solved before approval.
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