R98403 (Copy PY to PD)


Does anyone have any experience copying all of PY to PD so that PD contains all that PY contains. We are looking for another way to get production up with all the ESU's/custom mods, other than going through OMW and advancing projects from PY to PD (object transfer) to get those objects into PD.

JDE has told us that we would probably have to use BV R98403|XJDE0019 to accomplish this, but they have no procedure, and are not too sure exactly what we would have to do.

If anyone has tried this and were successful, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.



Check out KG Doc OTI-01-0056. We used the procedure to create a clone
of our DV environment. You will need to create OMW transfer rules and
CNC mappings.

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What it sounds like you are trying to do is copy the entire pathcode, not
just business data/control tables, etc but all of the program code as well.
If this is the case, using R98403 will not accomplish this. You will have to
do a file copy of the entire pathcode from PY to PD (or whatever from-to).
Then you will run the r98403 to copy all of the control tables and the
business data. Next, you will have to go into the versions table (F983051)
and do an update on the table to the column vrmkey and populate the vrmkey
with your deployment server's name.
You should then have a complete copy, program and data, of the one
pathcode into another. List - did I omit any tables or steps? It has been a
little while since I have copied an entire pathcode.


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