R09705 Compare Accoutn Balance to Transcation


I have never worked on C business function and now I got struck with the R09705 Report. In the report B0900176 business function is used.

The business function is comparing the values of F0902 and F0911 and displaying the integrities (descrepencies) in the pdf.

In F0902 we have fields of AN01 to AN12 that to for ledger type AA we will be having of 2 lines (one with zeros {.00} and one with values{-38976.89}).

Now here the bsfn is comparing the AN01 line 1 with {PN =1 from F0911} and again line 2 with {PN=1 from F0911} and displaying in pdf, that should not happen.

but I should add the lines 1 and 2 and after getting total of line 1 and line 2 {Line 1+Line 2 = Line N} then I need to compare the lines with PN=1 from F0911 and it has to repeat for all like AN01 to AN12. {PN=1 to PN=12}

Please help me if any one knows how to do it.

Thanks in Advance