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R:Treasury Systems


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We have installed a Treasury module that has been created by an italian
Business Partner of JDE.

It is very much OW like, but it works with World also (we actually run
The architecture of this module requires a dedicated database on a Server
(we have Microsoft SQL on Windows NT) triggers for some World file (F0911,
F0901, F0311, etc.) and a never-ending process running as a gateway between
the two databases.

I'm not sure whether a multilingual version exists, but if you are
interested contact me directly.

Andrea Zucconi
IS Manager

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Inviato: venerdi 20 aprile 2001 18.51
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Oggetto: Treasury Systems

Hi All
Is anyone out there using JDE to manage their treasury activities? A
treasury system is required by our corporate office to record/track
long-term investments.
What are others using? Can this be accomplished by JDE or is other software
I was contemplating trying to use the inventory module to accomplish this
set up "item masters" for different securities & issue (sell) & receive
Is this functionality available in the Fixed Asset module?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Brian Getty, CGA
Kinross Gold-Timmins Operation
WorldSoftware A7.3 Cum 11 V4R5
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Re: Treasury Systems

Thanks for the information. I will have my corporate I/S manager follow up with our JDE Account manager to see if a multilingual version exists.
Have a nice day

Brian Getty, CGA
Kinross Gold-Timmins Operation
WorldSoftware A7.3 Cum 11 V4R5