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R: *SPAM*World A9.1 and v6r1


nn=92amo bene.

Forse gli serve Mastracci lui c=92=E8 smanetta con le patches JDE/IBM.



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Inviato: venerd=EC 24 ottobre 2008 21.41
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Oggetto: *SPAM*World A9.1 and v6r1

I=92m curious if anyone else has upgraded to A9.1 *AFTER* upgrading to v6r1?
That is the path that I chose and I am finding that JDE=92s upgrade process is
not compatible with v6r1. I am working closely with Oracle support and have
had to apply several extra updates/fixes from them because of this. I have
already had to start the upgrade process over from scratch once.

I find it hard to believe that I=92m the first to do this??? Anyone else have
this same issue?

Bob Cagle IT Manager Lynk, Inc. System i5 520; A8.1c5;


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