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R: Inventory G/L class


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We are a pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company and in our
Item Master you can find many different kinds of materials.

The decision we have made was to be very detailed with finished products
and less accurate with other materials.

Therefore we have one G/L class for raw materials, one for packaging
materials, one for WIP one for samples and about thirty for the finished
products, splitted over the different business lines.

In any case, the process driver should be the Chart of Account design : the
inventory G/L classes will have to be set in order to "point" to the
different Business Unit / Account.

Hope this helps.

IS Manager
Andrea Zucconi

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Da: Bgetty [SMTP:bgetty@kinross.com]
Inviato: lunedi 24 settembre 2001 21.08
A: zucconi@tubilux.it
Oggetto: Inventory G/L class

Hi all
I am just looking for how others have set up the G/L classes on their
inventory items. We implemented World A7.3 in 1998 & are presently
implementing OW Xe and in my estimation we may not have set them up very
well. We seem to have set up separate G/L class=object account. There
doesn't seem to be any adequate summarization and reporting, utilizing the
G/L class, in our inventory setup.

Brian Getty, CGA
Kinross Gold-Timmins Operation
WorldSoftware A7.3 Cum 11/Coexistence X3 V4R5
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