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R: Put Items on hold from being issued


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You could try putting an "O" in the Stock Type field : it is supposed to mean "OBSOLETE".
This is the way we do and it works, but I'm not sure if it is a standard option or a modification.
By the way, its effects are a bit wider since it also prevents items from being planned in MPS/MRP and from being purchased.

Hope this helps.

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Da: nnegron [SMTP:nnegron@libertylines.com]
Inviato: venerdi 3 agosto 2001 15.56
A: jdeworldml@jdelist.com
Oggetto: Re: Put Items on hold from being issued

Is there a way to put items on hold from being issued. It's only temporary,
so I don't want to delete the item. I've looked at settings in Item Master
Information that will prevent users from issuing the part, but have not come
up with anything.
Neftali Negron
Liberty Lines