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E9.1 Put a Location on Hold - Not Lot Specific


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From what I can see, I cannot flag a location only as on hold. I can flag a lot as on hold and a lot location as on hold.

Let me walk you through a couple of scenarios and see if you can think of a solution we can use:

• Certain SKU’s always need to be reworked when they arrive. We have not set up a rework SKU for the items because it’s something simple like an address sticker. However, inventory that is in a REWORK location should not be seen as available if I am reviewing inventory to order from the warehouse.

• Inventory is returned from a customer at a store to location RTRN. The good inventory is moved back to the default shipping locations. So, the inventory in RTRN is basically bad inventory. It may pile up until it’s cost effective to send it back to the warehouse. But, the system considers it good inventory.

I tried using the R41082 program using an expiration date in the way future and limited the location. However, all the inventory was put on hold.

We could go in and put every lot/location record on hold. But, that’s a long process (and if done incorrectly can be a problem). And if I remember right, I have to release it from the hold before I can move it to another location.

Are there any recommendations that anyone has to help?