R:FIFO / Lot control


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We use lot control by setting every a "3" in the "Commitment method" field
of every Item Master record.
Option "3" is exactly a FIFO based on the Lot expiry date : this means of
course that you'll need to have Lot Master, etc. etc.

This approach was very natural and not labor intensive to us, since we are
a pharmaceutical mfg. company and we do manage all of our inventory thru
lots, expiry dates, lot approvals, etc.

About your second point : the program P48013 (W.O. entry/maintenance) calls
P3111 (W.O. parts lists); if you want, you can set up security in order to
allow users to modify the Item and/or the Lots that the "Work Order
Generation" (P31410) has automatically committed.