Query For Access Authority To Particular JDE Pgm/Associated Tables


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Howdy Listers:

I'm needing kinda a "who's who" of a query against user pgm access/role authority, to namely the P4101 (likely another case of a wrong user having access or doing the wrong thing...) that will allow them to update F4101, F4102 accordingly.

So maybe query the OK authority to the screen? But then what if updates internal to that of hidden buttons or such? Go against enterprise wise for
authority there?

Any help here? Just not sure for the moment.

Thanks in advance!


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I think the best you could do is use the cross reference (F980011/F980012) in coordination with the security master to figure out the applications users have access to (with update authority) and then in turn which tables those applications use. It wouldn't be an exact science. Just because an application uses a table doesn't mean that it is updating it.

If you are concerned about a narrow number of high risk transactions I would probably focus on doing role based testing and verify what the applications actually do under the conditions they will be used. So for instance, as the various roles that have access to P4101, go into the application, execute transactions and hit all available row/form exits and then take a look at the table that concern you (F4101/F4102) and based on UPMJ/USER audit data see what records were actually changed.