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E9.2 QR Code - JAR Encoder Deployment


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Dears Community,

We are trying to implement QRCode in XMLP (Embedded BI Publisher) in JDE. We have procured the QRCode font from IDAutomation and have followed the steps to install the QRCode font and implement the JAVA encoder class. The QRCode is working on the FAT client but now we need to deploy this to the server.

My question is how do we deploy the JAVA encoder class on server, which files need edit and where to we deploy this?

On the FAT client the JAR encoder was deployed to the BI Publisher standalone directory but we don't have such a directory on Enterprise Server.

Any ideas or pointers will be helpful.



9.2 update 2,, Windows 2016, SQL Server 2016


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Have a look at support document:

E1: XMLP: How to Use Custom Fonts with Embedded Publisher for EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 652457.1)​

The defalt location for BIP fonts are:

Tools release prior to 9.2 (all platforms except AS400)
EnterpriseOne folder <E1Install>\system\JRE\lib\fonts

Tools release 9.2 and above (all platforms except AS400)
EnterpriseOne folder ...\E920\jdeJre\lib\fonts

You will find xdo.cfg within the <E1Install>/system/classes

I personally prefer to create a dedicated bipfonts folder that sits outside of the system folder and point to it via xdo.cfg. I copy all the standard BIP fonts there and add any custom ones like the IDAutomation fonts.


Hi JEMiller,

I tried this but it isn't wrking ,We Get following error while running the template

Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/idautomation/fontencoder/qrcode/QRCodeEncoder
at oracle.qrcode.EWQrCode.qrcode