E9.2 QR Code in PDF with Java


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Hi Everyone, I have been developed a Java aplication that can take a pdf file, open reads the data and after conect to database and take information if needed.
Finaly theJava program generate a QR Code (it's can be encoded in base64 for example or other if needed) and put the code in especific position of pdf that you need.
If needed the Java program can send the pdf to a printer.

Please take a minute to reed this and think in the possibilities and potential that it has.

If you whant or need it please send me a mail or a message and we coordinate to delivery the source code of the Java program.

This is totaly free if need it just tell me.



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Here is a very small presentation of the java app.

If you need or want it let me know.



  • QRCode Generator For JDE.pdf
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