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Purchase Requisitions entered from external source


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We are currently working on an external system to allow departments to
generate purchasing requisitions in lotus notes. We would like to take the
data its generates and import it into JDEdwards file F4301 and F4311 . I
have been investigating using some of the programs in EDI system 47 to
accomplish this.

I would be interested in hearing any experiences others have had with this
and any specific JDE programs and files you used.

Michael Kenney
IT Services
University of Windsor


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We have a project out somewhere in the next year time frame where we would like to do the same. Please keep me posted on what you come up with.


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I posted a similar request a couple of months ago but didn't receive any feed back. I will be looking into this soon but my initial thoughts have been to use a similar process to the purchase order generator utilizing the F4310 work file which this uses. I'll be interested to see if you get any feedback. Maybe all the people with knowledge of this area are on the one world forums now?

Paul Thompson
IT Business Analyst
E-Mail: PaulThompson@Thwaites.Co.Uk
World 7.3 Cum 7