E8.12 Purchase order history


Audit has been tracking us more on low dollar purchase orders. i have not been able to find a way to track the whole history of a purchse order in one spot i basically what the intial open amount and the amounts that were added to it. Anyone?
the Purchase Order ledger is something you may want to look at.
First, look at P40204 (Work With Order Activity Rules) and be sure you have activated the Ledger Y/N field (WRTH) for the desired combination of order type and line type you need to track. In my company, every combination is tracked.
If done, the table F43199 (Purchase Order Ledger) is populated with all the history of a certain purchase order line.
The table can be accessed with a SQL client if your company policies allow that or from P4310 W4310G -> Row -> Purchasing Ledger.
At that point, you can extract the data and filter based on the auditors' request.
If the tracking is not activated in P40204, I am not sure it is possible to access the history of a purchase order line.

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