Purchase Order Entry & Multiple GL distributions


Release B73.2.1
Units Decimal Places = 0

We would like to be able to enter multiple GL distribution lines for non-stock purchases and have only one line print on the Purchase Order.

Purchase six identical printers for six departments (GL accounts). We currently enter 6 lines (J type) of 1 each to get the proper GL distribution. The problem is the Purchase Order prints with six detail lines instead of one line showing 6 units.

Another example would be one item for $15,000 that we want to distribute to multiple GL accounts. In this case we enter 1 unit for $12,000 (line type J) for the first GL account and an additional line with the description "Second account # split charge" for $3,000. Here again two lines print on the PO instead of one.

There must be missing something here on how to enter multiple GL distributions.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Wayne Anderson
Financial Systems Administrator