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PRVANI in F43121


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When receiving stocked items through P4312 the PRVANI field of the F43121 Purchase Order Receiver File is filled in with the received not vouchered account from AAI 4320. For landed costs where the received not vouchered account is defined in AAI 4390, the PRVANI filed is not filled in. Consquence is that the F43121 can't be used to reconcile the received not vouchered account because report R43450 Received Not Vouchered Reconciliation gives you a lot of blanks. I logged an issue with the response line and got as answer that there was a SAR 2901152 in status 05 Reconsidered in the future. We are now 5 updates further and nothing has changed yet. So if you are interested in getting the PRVANI field updated in a correct way please add your name to this SAR. Reconciling the received not vouchered accounts is one of the toughest things to do. How do I explain to my end users that the standard reports of OneWorld XE don't work?

Please write your name to that SAR so we can get some extra functionality in the system. Everyone will benefit from this.