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Eric can you add the "Preview" button to the Private Message?? And prehaps the spell check also?
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Scott Parker
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I join in Scott's request because I have already posted these requests /wwwimages/icons/smile.gif, see <font color=yellow>"Private message & Spelling, Preview, Markup"</font color=yellow> posted on 11/14/00 11:39 AM by me.
/wwwimages/icons/cool.gif... and let me add four other request to the Private Messages issue too:

Eric, could you make possible for us:

1.) Somthing verification possibility on the "User name" field. E.G.: a drop down list with the names of the users who are accepted to receive Private Messages in their user profile or a button which verifies that the user name is correct and accepted the private messages.

2.) To request for "Read Receipt" to let us know that our message has been read.

3.) Sending the same message to more than one user.

4.) Managing the outgoing messages too like we can do with the incomming messages.

/wwwimages/icons/cool.gifI know, we can make a lot of job for you./wwwimages/icons/wink.gif

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