Policy/procedure/best practice users changing PO/setup etc


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Hello there
I spend time to investigate why one environment behave differently with other environments and at the end it turns out the processing option changed/setup/new version etc which cause applications behave differently.

I want to know is this common to you or how you control users changing values in one environment and forget to change in the other environments.


With some UBE versions, the processing options (POs) get changed all the time - such as date type POs. Others are more the "set and forget". Between Test/Development environments and the production environment(s) I generally keep the data select the same, but only the "set and forget" POs will be kept the same.

This POs that change the way a program runs, if possible, I'll set up different versions to cater for the different combinations of POs so that each version is a "set and forget". For such versions you may consider adding version security to prevent changing the POs, but allow the UBE/APPL to be run.
A common approach that we see is to have all versions maintained in PY (except for UBE's where PO changes are regular in production and don't impact business process) and all changes must be promoted through OMW. Unless it is a small shop you don't tend to have DV processing options promoted up as developers tend muck around with versions and those changes can slip through pretty easily.

So PY is the master and PD/UAT etc are just slaves. Changing directly in PD, whilst convenient, generally leads to the issue you have experienced where versions get out of sync and things that work/break in one environment don't display the same behaviour in another.