Pipe character, "|", showing as close bracket, "]"

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Hello list,

We had a requirement to create a non-csv, delimited text file.
We chose the pipe ("|") as it doesn't normally appear in our data.

When we create the file and use VIEW or QUERY to look at it, we see "pipe".
When we use DSPPFM to look at the same data, the delimiter shows as "close bracket".

When the delimited file is sent for outside processing, they see "close bracket".

I could (probably) understand the character changing when viewed from different platforms,
but am baffled as to DSPPFM not showing the same as QUERY.

Any thoughts as to why this is happening?


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I'm assuming that by QUERY --- your referring to WRKQRY.

If so, I have never known WRKQRY to show results different than a DSPPFM - except for viewing packed/binary data :)

My first check would be to look at the CCSID of the physical file and your current job's CCSID value to make sure that nothing is out of whack.

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Yes, I'm referring to WRKQRY which, at this site at least, is brought up when you key the word QUERY.

The PF has a CCSID of "500", the job description has a CCSID of "37", the SYSTEM VALUE QCCSID is also "37".
"37" is "COM EUROPE EBCIDIC" and "500" is "INTL EBCIDIC",

I'm not sure how the PF was created as CCSID 500, but am digging at that.


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Yeah...most of our files are either 37 or 65535. Our system value is 65535. When we push them to the IFS, they are typically converted to 1200.

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I tracked the CCSID(500) back to the DDS for the file.
The coder had included that line out of habit.
He changed it to be CCSID(37) and the pipe now displays consistently as a pipe.

The is worthy of a (restrained) "Woohoo!"
Restrained as I have to see what happens when we transmit to the outside processor.

Thanks for your help, and I hope all is wonderful in your part of the world.