Picture & Chart in report

I thought that you could by creating a custom font, which is actually your
picture, and then apply that font to a constant. I have not done this
myself, but I have been told that it is possible.
Let the list know.


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It will be to simple
It is standard solution for report designers with low (text only) functionality.

May be you heard about some kind of additional program for RDA that add "graphic" functionality to draw a charts?


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you're correct - the font solution is no solution when dynamic data/picture/charts are involved. There is 3rd party form s/w (Optio for one) that can take OW output and add graphical features - but I don't believe charting would be supported without some very involved work-arounds. I think you need to look at a 3rd party report-writer such as Crystal Reports - bypassing RDA altogether.

P.S. Yes, RDA is a low functionality report designer primarily because it is first a batch programming tool.


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